Cytopathology and HPV Testing Workshop

Workshop on Cervical Cytology and HPV Testing


Workshop Coordinator - Dr. Alok Chandra Bharti, Dr. Priya Abraham, Dr, Madumati Goel, Dr. Ridhi Jaiswal

Hall Coordinators - Dr. Ridhi Jaiswal, Dr Naini Tandon

Chairpersons - (02.00pm-03.30pm) Dr. H.P. Gupta, Dr. Rekha Sachan
(03.30pm-05.00pm) Dr. Preeti Kumar, Dr. Sunita Chandra


Session and Topics


02.00-02.20 pm

HPV infections cervical cytology and cervical carcinogenesis : Basics

Dr. Alok C Bharti


Cervical cytology: Conventional vs. liquid base cytology- Demonstration of
equipment and procedures

Dr. Sandeep Mathur


Cervical cytology in disease diagnosis and population screening:
Changing strategies with changing goals

Dr. Suzanne Garland


Challenging areas of cervical cytology in KGMU

Dr. Madhumati Goel

03.20-03.40 pm

Quality control in cytopathology

Dr. Puneet Chandna


Molecular methods of HPV testing in cervical scarpes : Option and oppurtunities

Dr. Alok C Bharti


Importance of HPV co-testing with cervical cytology and reflex testing

Dr. Priya Abraham

04.20-04.50 pm

Picture quiz for participants

Dr. Sandeep Mathur
Dr. Riddhi Jaiswal

04.50-05.00 pm

Open house for Participants